How to Catch a Whale!

A 6-week Master Class to teach you how to get architects, builders, and other key influencers to hand you their best projects on a silver platter!


From David Shepherd

"I've worked with 100s of interior designers and I can say with certainty that you will never achieve financial security without landing the occasional whale!" 


Week 1- Psychology

Why will the most important influencers in your market hand you their best projects on a silver platter? Because you'll master the psychology of persuasion to ensure they can't ignore you.


Week 2 - Assessment

Every key influencer has different needs. Using a proprietary process, you'll identify exactly what unique skills you have to offer them.


Week 3 - Research

You'll carefully define your target market and learn how to dominate your niche. A benefit of an influencer campaign is that you may only need a critical few. 


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Up Your Cash Flow

A 4-part video series to help you increase cash flow which has previously sold for $1,495. Yours FREE today! 

Scenario Manager

Not quite sure when it's time to grow? This spreadsheet tool will help you to look at all possible scenarios. Has sold for $495. Yours FREE today!

Right-sized Firm

This powerful webinar will warn you not to get caught in the "donut hole" by being the wrong size. Has sold for $495. Yours FREE today! 

Week 4 - Strategy

A carefully planned "gifting program" will create a strong desire for your influencers to contact YOU! That's a lot easier than selling! It only takes one or two "whales" to change your future!


Week 5 - Budgeting

A great advantage of a targeted influencer campaign is that you can spend as little or as much as you want. This week you'll create your specific campaign and budget.


Week 6 - Implementation

In only six weeks, you will have created a simple yet powerful plan to have architects, builders, and other key influencers hand YOU their best projects. Now, it's time to launch! 


There is No Risk to You!

Hundreds of interior designers have put the skills taught in this course to work and are busy catching whales today. We're so confident that this course will pay for itself many times over that we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee! 

"Using these strategies, I caught my first whale...and then the next...and now I work only with whales!"

-Meghan Griffith

"I admit that I wondered why large projects would be given to me... This course made it easy to understand and to take advantage of."

-Renee Lambier

"Are you kidding me? I had been spending all of my marketing energy and money in the wrong places! Now I get more for a lot less."

-Brigid Lane

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Join this six-week Master Class and let architects, builders, and other key influencers to hand you their best projects...on a silver platter!