Your Business or Your Life: 8 Steps For Getting All You Want Out of BOTH!

No business program in history has generated more profits for more interior designers than David Shepherd's legendary "8 Steps" Program. Get started today getting everything you want out of your design practice...and your life! 


A Message from David Shepherd

I first presented my "8 Steps" program to interior designers at an ASID event in 2002. Since then, thousands have been exposed to these proven principles, and I have continued to perfect them through my one-on-one analysis of hundreds of design practices. Whether you are a sole practitioner, or principal of a 30-person firm, you simply must understand and master the 8 Steps! 

What You Will Learn

(With a total of 10 video tutorials over 8 weeks plus a 76-page, day-by-day workbook!)

Step 1 - Preparing for Change

You will learn to embrace the two factors that make change possible and adapt to your rapidly changing industry.

Step 2 - Doing Less, Making More

You'll master the unique "clouds-to-columns" approach  that has led to overnight profits for countless designers.

Step 3 - Discovering Ideal Customers

Master the three matrix tools that will hep you identify your most profitable and clients. 

Step 4 - Growing Roots

You can't afford to overlook the long-term impact of repeat business and referrals. Learn to lock your clients up and reap referrals.

Step 5 - Pricing for Profit

Pricing is the lowest of all low-hanging fruit for immediate increases in profits. Here's how to increase your prices.

Step 6 - Breaking Out!

Tale control of the reports that really matter which rarely come from your accounting system! You cannot delegate this! 

Step 7 - Reducing to the Ridiculous

Nothing is particularly hard if you break it down into enough small parts. Master the power of small wins.

Step 8 - Adjusting All Your Means

You'll learn the single most important word in business and why Aristotle was right about where to focus your effort.

"It was like divine intervention!"

"As a woman business owner, it had a been a struggle...a real struggle. In fact I was thinking of changing directions when I found myself in an 8 Steps seminar with David Shepherd. It was the most engaging day I've ever spent. It was like divine intervention. It empowered me!" 

—Debbie Baxter
Interior Designer
San Antonio, TX

"Just give me a roadmap...tell me exactly what to do!"

"That's what David Shepherd's "8 Steps" did for me. I've been able to build a very successful design practice and I attribute much of that success to the principles I first learned in this program. You won't be disappointed!"

Corinne Brown, Interior Designer
Mammoth Lakes, CA

"These principles have easily added six-figures to our bottom line."

The vast majority of interior designers are sole practitioners, or what we call SP-Plus, meaning they do have some freelancers and part-time help. Tanya Shively is just one of many examples of those who have used the eight principles of The Foundations to increase their ability to gross seven-figures and increase earnings up to 400%!

—Phil Norman, Interior Designer
Torrance, CA

There is Absolutely No Risk to You...Ever!

Like all of our programs, the "8 Steps" course carries our 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee! If you're not completely satisfied within the first month, just send an email to [email protected] requesting a refund. We'll process it that same day with no questions asked.

What Your Peers Are Saying...

"I don't know if David realizes the impact the 8 Steps and all of his work have had on our lives!" (Glen Budreaux, Dallas, TX)

"Thanks for all you have done to improve my business. Cash flow is NOT a problem anymore!" (Kathryn Long, Asheville, NC)

"This material has allowed me to accomplish things I never thought possible." (Tom Williams, Carmel, CA)

"The most important materials I've come across as a designer and as a businessman." (Doug Greiwe, Cincinnati, OH)

"I'm always in awe of the material David presents and how relevant it is to our real world of design." (Michelle Roher Lauer, Chicago, IL)

"This information has taken us to a whole new level." (Kristi Ziegler, The Woodlands, TX)

"The 8 Steps really focuses on the issues we as designers face every day!" (Faith Sheridan, Seattle, WA)

"The 8 Steps was the finest interior design program I've ever completed." (Lorraine Khoury, Cape Town, SA)

"I can't begin to tell you how much David's material has helped our firm." (Jeff Jurasky, Palm Springs, CA)

"Thank you for teaching differently! It's an incredible amount of fun." (Carol Little, Roseville, CA)

"I got more out of the 8 Steps program than any business course I've ever taken, design or otherwise." (Julie Risman, San Antonio, TX)

...and 100s more!