1000s of Interior Designers Can't be Wrong!

More than 4,000 interior designers have attended one of David Shepherd's live events or taken an online course. 100s more have engaged him as a business coach and consultant. Here's what they have to say...

"This knowledge has definitely added six figures to our bottom line."

Phil Norman, principal of Norman Design Group in Torrance, CA has been relying on David Shepherd's insights and strategies since 2005. Phil makes it very clear: "If David's advice had been available to me years ago, I could have grown my business faster...and added six-figures to my bottom line even sooner! 

"I can easily do $1 million now, all by myself." 

The vast majority of interior designers are sole practitioners, or what we call SP-Plus, meaning they do have some freelancers and part-time help. Tanya Shively is just one of many who have the knowledge they gained to increase their ability to gross seven-figures and increase earnings up to 400%! "I really don't know where I'd be today without the strategies I learned from David." 

"What would we tell our fellow designers? BEGIN A DYF ENGAGEMENT TODAY!"

Scott and Carolyn Boldt know that the design business is complex. Working as a team and employing the help of David Shepherd, they've managed to create one of the only truly successful "online design" firms in America. They began with the 12-week "Designing Your Future" engagement with David and followed that with a couple of years of coaching. 

"I finally get it!"

Jody Clarke of Dallas, like so many designers, has made a determined effort to understand the business side of her business. This includes trying to understand her accounting system, technology, cash flow and more. She says it was like a light coming on having David Shepherd explain these concepts to her, saying simply, "I finally get it!" 

"This has been the most profound building block to my success..."

Corinne Brown has completed a number of David Shepherd's courses and been a member of his coaching network. "It's taken my business beyond my wildest expectations," she says. 

"David's principles completely changed my life!"

Sarah Eilers of Lucas / Eilers Design has three children and said that she was completely exhausted. Now, she reports to finding time to workout and even says she lost 30 lbs after improving her business priorities using David Shepherd's proprietary tools. 

Julie Risman
Inside Story Design

"I took one of David's more advanced programs and I got more out of it than any business course I've ever taken...and I graduated from a top business school!" 

Kristi Ziegler
Creative Impressions

"Before David's Program I was wondering if our business could even make it; now we are setting records! Thank God we took this step."

Debbie Baxter
Baxter Design Group

"Ten minutes into David Shepherd's program and I wanted to cry: I realized I could have a business and a life!"


Tom Williams
Hale Williams Design

"I've simply never encountered a business expert like David Shepherd. You have to experience his work to understand it. Has helped me experience things I never thought possible." 

Faith Sheridan
Faith Sheridan Design

"As a participant in several of David's programs, I can say that we were wowed! He focuses on the problems we face everyday." 


Emily Castle
Castle Design

"Oh my gosh...what in incredible program. Really helped me to get my business onto the right foot." 


Diana Walker
Diana Walker Interior Desgin

"Everyone who participated in the program with me was completely blown away. So different!"

Leslie Hassler
Luxury for the Home

"David offered really big ideas and has uncanny insight into what's going to happen."

Corinne Brown
Brown Design Group

"David is simply a genius in his ability to take information and put it into something compelling and inspirational!"

Glen Boudreaux
Boudreaux Associates

"David has a brilliant mind and is a true thought-leader in the interior design business."

Carol Little
Corporate Design Group

"No one knows our business like David Shepherd. His tools work right now! You don't have to wait for them to take effect." 

Kathryn Long
Ambiance Interiors

"If had known 20 years ago what I learned from David's program, I would already have my villa in the south of France!"