Interior Design MBA

Interior Design MBA

Hosted by: David Shepherd

For the past 20 years, university professor and interior design business coach, David Shepherd, has helped thousands of designers to earn what they deserve. Interior design is among the most complex businesses on...

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Episode 5 - The "Magic Number" for Interior Designers

Based on his examination and analysis of 100s of successful interior design practices (small and large) David Shepherd has identified a single "magic number" that can predict success...or trouble! This number will...
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Episode 4 - Floppy Chicken Management (Classic Track)

A floppy chicken? Plastic teeth on top of skinny legs? Call it cheesy if you want, but here's how one CEO motivates his employees and creates a winning culture that has led to his opening over 40,000 restaurants...
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Episode 3 - The 4 Stages of Growth For Interior Designers

Interior designers committed to growing their firms will have to evolve through the 4 stages of growth. Each stage requires a very different skillset on the part of the principal. Only by understanding these...
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Episode 2 - Is Interior Design Recession Proof?

With mortgage rates doubling, interest rates and inflation spiraling up, and the dreaded yield curve nearly inverted, we have to wonder if a recession is imminent. The good news is that my history of working with...
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Episode 1 — Interior Design MBA Podcast Introduction

This brief introduction to the Interior Design MBA Podcast will help listeners understand who David Shepherd is, and where the tips, tactics and strategies he will offer come from.
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