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Since 2004, David Shepherd's elite coaching networks have brought the leading edge strategies to interior designers from sole practitioners to principals of 30-person firms. No one has the depth of knowledge that David has—he knows exactly what works and what doesn't and delivers those strategies to his members each and every month. 

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The Edge Newsletter

Perhaps the ultimate member benefit, each month you’ll receive (in your mailbox!) 16+ single-spaced pages of innovative strategies, proven best practices, cash flow and marketing tips and new opportunities. Many Edge members say this one benefit is more than worth the price of membership.

The Edge Tutorial

Each month you’ll be notified that a new video tutorial has been developed just for you. Produced exclusively by David Shepherd, these encourage you to create the habit of learning and mastering topics simple and complex, from cash flow to marketing and beyond. Each month, you’ll look forward to making time to learn.

The Edge Archives

After joining The Edge, you’ll have instant access to the members' archives, containing years worth of Edge Newsletters, Edge Tutorials…even complete courses, eBooks, and more. This is also where you’ll find copies or recordings of anything you miss after joining.


The Edge Discounts

While the benefits described here are all included in your low monthly dues, there are other premium courses which are fee-based, but for which Edge members receive meaningful discounts. This includes the amazing 24-week, Interior Design MBA Program. 

The Edge Access

As a member of The Edge, you have full email privileges with David Shepherd to get answers to clear and concise questions that are of concern to you. Consider it you ultimate insurance policy against making a big mistake.


The Edge Planning

In the 4th quarter of each year, David turns the Edge Newsletter and Edge Tutorial toward the topic of your business plan for the upcoming year. David will help you to ensure that each and every year begins with great goals and enthusiasm.       


The Edge Priority

Periodically, David offers live coaching groups and even individual coaching. When offered, Edge members receive first right of refusal and pay the lowest offered price.




The Edge Guarantee

Membership in The Edge is always month-to-month meaning you can cancel at anytime from your own membership dashboard. And, while we encourage new members to evaluate these benefits for at least six months, if you decide within the first 90 days that membership is not for you, we’ll refund 100% of the dues you have paid, no questions asked.

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  • The Edge guarantee
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"Membership has definitely added six figures to our bottom line."

Phil Norman, principal of Norman Design Group in Torrance, CA has been a member of The Edge since 2005. He states that when the Edge Newsletter arrives in his mailbox. he grabs it and leaves the office for half a day of reading, thinking, and planning for his firm's future. He is also a graduate of the IDMBA Program which he says imposed the accountability even a seasoned industry veteran needs. 

"I can easily do $1 million now, all by myself." 

The vast majority of interior designers are sole practitioners, or what we call SP-Plus, meaning they do have some freelancers and part-time help. Tanya Shively is just one of many examples of those who have used membership in The Edge to increase their ability to gross seven-figures and increase earnings up to 400%!

David's ability to coach interior designers is truly unique.

"I do find David's work most fascinating. It's like he had the mind of a business scientist, highly educated and experienced, and yet he understands the creative minds-of the Interior designers. The mind of the creative is most unique. How David is able to respect the science and still coach interior designers is truly a unique craft."

—Deb Reinhart, Chicago

All The Business Skills You Need, and None of the Ones You Don't!

More than anyone in your industry, David Shepherd, a business school professor, understands how complex your business is. That's why he has spent nearly two decades studying what really makes the difference and provides you only with that critical knowledge. He often spends as much time telling you what you DON'T need to know as what you do. 

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