IDEAS 2020 - The Premier Business Event for Interior Designers

November 19-20, 2020

The single most important business conference of 2020 for interior design firm principals, and the essential one for your successful 2021! Each month, university professor and interior design business analyst, David Shepherd, studies your industry and surveys thousands of interior designer to find out which strategies are working and which are not.

On November 19-20, 2020, he will present the results of his research and support it with broad national surveys to bring you a 2-day virtual event that promises to provide the critical business information and education you’ll need to succeed in the year ahead. Never has this been more true than in the time of COVID-19.


Combining new trends with a new philosophy and with proven business analytics. Result? A new path forward >>>

State of the Industry

Not even 9/11 or the Great Recession of 2008 caused as much uncertainty in the markets as COVID-19 is causing. Instead of hitting you with another fire hose of data, David Shepherd will lay out the likely permanent trends that will shape your business in the years ahead. 

Time to Set Big Goals

Times of uncertainty are also times of opportunity. Throughout 2020, design firms that have become aggressive as others have sat back to "see what happens," have had enormous wins. It's time for you to set HUGE goals for 2021 and we'll provide the tools. 

What Thoreau Really Said

Thoreau would have made a great interior designer as "simplicity" truly is your number one business goal. However, what Thoreau really did at Walden was work out the relationship between simplicity and profit! You'll learn to do that as well.

The Internet is Changing Your Brain

There's a reason why the best artists, authors, and other creative types don't even engage in social media or log on to the internet. The reason is that doing so can permanently impair your ability to do your best work. You must become aware of this potential impact. 

The #1 Marketing Tool Today

Forget about blogging, Tweeting, posting, pinning, liking, following, and all the rest. The proven #1 marketing tool for you is the same as it always has been—simple eMail marketing. But you must understand funnels and pipelines; We have the strategies for you.

100 Questions You Must Answer

Einstein said that if we can only ask the right questions, the answers are often obvious. Through the IDEAS 2020 Conference, we'll pause to challenge you with mind-stretching questions that, when answered, have the power to reshape your business and your life.

Building a Firm for the Future

Combining the "mega trends" created by the coronavirus economy with David Shepherd's proprietary interior design benchmarks, you'll learn how to start with a "blank slate" and design the perfect and most profitable practice for your future.

Consulting Case Studies

The "case study" method has been made famous by the Harvard Business School for a reason—it works. In this segment, you'll look over David Shepherd's shoulder as he digs into some of his consulting clients and puts them on a new course to success. 

Your 1-Day Business Plan

By the end of Day 2, when these topics have been driven home and supported by questions, cases, and supplemental materials, you'll be ready to chart your course to a record 2021...and we'll help you to do it on a single page! 

Plus mega-trends (post COVID-19), remote design, hidden costs, expected value analysis, random acts of marketing, the cost of complexity and YOUR questions answered!

"These conferences have definitely added six figures to our bottom line."

Phil Norman, principal of Norman Design Group in Torrance, CA attended his first conference produced by David Shepherd in 2005. Since that time, he has rarely missed one and states that what he has learned has easily added six figures to his bottom line, year after year. Phil is also a member of The Edge. 

"I can easily do $1 million now, all by myself." 

Tanya Shively attended the first business event for interior designers produced by David Shepherd in 2004 in Las Vegas. Seventeen years later, she is still challenging herself to remain accountable and learn new skills. That's why she'll be attending IDEAS 2020, and is also a member of The Edge. 

"Absolutely no way we are missing this Conference!" 

Scott and Carolyn Boldt of Crossfields Chiropractic Office Design are students of business. They devour the most current business books in print and audio form. They attend seminars and hire consultants. But they say that, by far, David Shepherd's philosophy of business is what has put them on their path to "making work optional!" 

"The most important event on my business calendar." 

Interior designer Corinne Brown has been an avid learner of all things business by attending these conferences (live and virtual) for over fifteen years. Like so many successful designers, she realizes that the principal simply cannot abdicate essential business skills to others. She is also a member of The Edge.

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There is a clear correlation between the most profitable interior designers and those who consistently invest in gaining business skills. That's why some designers have attended more than a dozen of our events...and keep coming back. Is it your turn?


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"Let me help you earn what you deserve!"

For almost twenty years, university professor and interior design business analyst, David Shepherd, has been helping interior designers to simplify their lives and earn what they deserve. 

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