Getting Pricing Right!

How interior designers are discovering the "easy button" to send profits soaring while ending client pushback and being shopped online forever!

A 6-Week Master Class 

From David Shepherd

"In good economic times, and bad, the easiest way for interior designers to earn what they deserve is to understand how to price creatively and strategically." 


Week 1- Perceived Value

The value of what you offer, both time and merchandise, is more about how the client perceives it than anything related to cost or competition. And you can change that perception! 


Week 2 - Scenarios

Your pricing strategy will speak volumes about what business you are really in. Here, you'll see case studies of successful firms with huge markups...and those with no markups at all! It's also your pricing that will attract the clients you really want.


Week 3 - Presentations

From your Letter of Agreement to your formal presentations (such as the "New Client Orientation" you'll learn here) it is up to you to capture "TEV," or total economic value on each and every project. 


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Building Your Flywheel

Learn to market through only a few big annual campaigns that repeat with the force of a giant flywheel! Has sold for $595. Yours FREE today!

Blue Ocean Strategy

You'll learn the process to identify uncontested market spaces so that you can avoid the competition in "red" oceans. Has sold for $595. Yours FREE today! 

The One Thing!

This recorded webinar will force you to answer the one question that can change everything else.  Has sold for $395. Yours FREE today! 


Week 4 - Cash Flow

At some point, every pricing strategy must be measured against the cash it can deliver and how quickly that occurs. The concept of "working capital policy," including retainers and deposits is covered here. 


Week 5 - Marketing

Once set, your pricing strategy must be converted into a powerful marketing message. This is what will attract the high-value clients you want and need to be at the center of your practice. 


Week 6 - Self-worth

Normal human emotions exert pressure on many designers to keep their prices far lower than need be. Now's the time to set all doubts aside and plan a 7-figure net worth future for yourself! 


There is No Risk to You!

Hundreds of interior designers have put the skills taught in this course to work and are busy catching whales today. We're so confident that this course will pay for itself many times over that we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee! 

"Pricing is something I used to struggle with all the time. This course taught me how to take control."

-Tanya Shively

"Flat fees, markups, online price shopping... I wanted to tear my hair out over pricing until David taught me how to ' get it right!'"

-Deb Bernard

"David explained that in a national survey he conducted, designers reported over 40 ways to price. Now I have just one and it works!"

-Glen Wallace

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Discover the "easy button" and send your profits soaring while ending client pushback and being shopped online forever!