About David Shepherd, Interior Design's Business Authority

David in Academia

David served on the faculties of two of the nation's top-ranked business schools. He taught small firm finance and strategy at the McComb's School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin (shown at right) and entrepreneurial cash flow and strategy at the Neeley School of Business at TCU. He was recognized for outstanding contributions to the small business curriculum at both institutions. 

David in Interior Design

David's exposure to the business side of interior design began in 2002 when ASID asked him to speak to their chapter presidents about his best-selling book, "The 8 Steps" During his research, he came to believe that interior design is one of the most complex businesses on earth to run. In 2004 he launched the "Business of Design Conference" in Las Vegas, and in the following years has welcomed over 3,000 interior designers into his conferences, his memberships networks, and his coaching groups. 

"Turned my entire business around."

"This IDMBA Program has turned my entire business around. It’s business, yes, but David also surprises you and takes you to another level. It just was life changing. David makes it fun."

—Edwina Vidosh

"My profits increased 400%!"

"And after taking David's class, my profit for the year increased four times. It's an intense course, but well worth the time and money that you put into it."

—Jody Clark

"It's really been life-changing."

"The tools that he gives you are amazing, even if you don't have a technical or a financial background. It’s really been life changing.  You're able to start implementing things right away."

—Tanya Shively

"It was like divine intervention!"

"I first found David Shepherd many years ago and wanted to cry when he spoke. I realized I could have a business and a life!"

—Debbie Baxter

"The most important ingredient..."

"The knowledge I've gained from David Shepherd over the years has made all the difference in my success."

—Corinne Brown

"Has added six figures..."

"We just. moved into fabulous new offices; There's no doubt that David's advice has played a key role in that."

—Phil Norman

"I have 3 children...was exhausted"

"This material was life-changing. I have three children and was exhausted but now, I've even found time to workout!"

—Sarah Eilers

"We see a path to creating wealth"

"In just our first year of working with David, my wife and I discovered a path to truly creating wealth. Now, we're executing!"

—Scott Boldt

"I was leaving money on the table"

"David is a terrific teacher-- reassuring, informative and the material is fun and digestible plus I didn't run out of the room screaming."

—Elizabeth Conn

Getting to Know David Shepherd, Design's Business Authority

A Houston native, David graduated with his MA from the University of Texas at Austin which he attended on an athletic scholarship and became a track and field All-American. After working in the "real world" for a few years, David returned to UT-Austin to earn his MBA degree. Impressed with his work in the field of strategic planning, he was soon asked to join the faculty and taught strategic planning and entrepreneurship for over 15 years both to undergraduates and through the Executive Education Program. He also taught business valuation to a Masters of Technology program where he was recognized with their prestigious "Outstanding Contribution" award. 

While earning his MBA, David also launched a high-tech startup in Austin after raising $2 million in venture capital from marquee US and UK firms. The company was soon merged into a larger firm and David began a lifelong pattern of teaching in the university classroom, and consulting for small business owners.

In 2001, David's book "Your Business or Your Life: 8 Steps for Getting All You Want Out of Both" became an Amazon best seller. One of the many trade associations that hired David as a speaker was ASID. It was while he was preparing for that event that David first realized how incredibly complex running an interior design practice is, regardless of how large or small the practice.

He began offering consulting services to designers and in 2004, launched the Business of Design Conference in Las Vegas. Over the next ten years, David produced over 40 live events which drew thousands of designers to cities including  New York, LA, Cancun, Palm Springs, Atlanta, San Antonio, Chicago and more.

In 2013 David was offered a teaching position at the Neeley School of Business at TCU that he simply couldn't resist. The Neeley faculty has been rated #1 in the world for entrepreneurship by the Economist Magazine. David taught small business courses in strategy, cash flow, and family ownership. In fact, he thought he would teach until retirement, but he couldn't get the work he had done with interior designers—nor the designers he had met—out of his mind and, after just three years, retired from academia and launched new educational programs for designers.

Today, David provides individual and group coaching and is developing a series of online courses including his historic new "Interior Design MBA Program!

David lives in Colleyville, TX (just north of the DFW airport) with his wife, son, and two beautiful Labrador retrievers, Sammy and King Kong who keep the pool free of ducks. His two older sons are a CPA and lawyer and have thus far presented him with five wonderful grandchildren. David has written several novels, visits Santa Fe often, and enjoys swimming and long walks...with his digital recorder, of course!