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Everything You Need to Know about Coaching and Consulting

Watch this brief (less than 30 minutes) recording of a recent webinar in which David Shepherd explains what coaching can accomplish, how his programs work, what coaching costs...and how to take the next step. 

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Hear what David's coaching clients have to say

Each year, David Shepherd opens up only a few engagements for consulting clients. If you are ready to take your business to a different place and fulfill your potential, learn more and make the commitment to your future today.

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Board of Advisors / Mentor

Let David Shepherd serve as a high-level advisor to asses strategic and personal goals. The basic format is a shared online Dashboard for tasks, documents, and resources, and a once-monthly 90-minute video call. 

$2,500 set-up fee / $750/mo. 

Competitive Strategy

A 12-week program following David's proprietary ActionMaps Strategic Framework. Includes a shared online Dashboard, 7 live video sessions, weekly assignments and unlimited emails. 

$2,000/mo for three months

360-Degree Firm Analysis

Following the 24-week curriculum of the Interior Design MBA Program, David will work with you to assess strengths and weaknesses across every functional area of you firm. Shared Dashboard and video calls.

$2,000/mo for six months

Designing Your Future

An extensive 90-day analysis of your firm and personal goals by David. The three phases include a Situation Audi, Scenario Analysis, and Implementation Plan. 

$6,500/mo for three months

Individual — Custom

This engagement begins with a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and then develops a custom agenda to help you achieve your highest goals.

$2,750/mo for three or more months

The Next Step

Now that you've watched the video and understand more about how coaching and consulting with David works, you'll want to set up a preliminary one-on-one call with him. It's vital (to you and to him!) that there be good rapport and shared expectations. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation call today!

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About David Shepherd

For the past 20 years, David has split time between teaching at a top US business school and helping interior designers to earn what they deserve. Thousands have attended his live events and taken his online courses, and he has worked one-on-one with hundreds more. No one understands the business side of your business like David Shepherd. He is founder of The Edge Membership and Director of the Interior Design MBA Program.