Work One-on-One with David Shepherd

When You're Truly Ready to Move Your Design Practice to the Next Level...

Each year, David Shepherd opens up only a few engagements for consulting clients. If you are ready to take your business to a different place and fulfill your potential, learn more and make the commitment to your future today.


Designing Your Future

A 3-month process broken down into three phases—a Situation Audit, a Scenario Planner, and an Action Plan. Each phase includes research by David, a detailed written report and a video call to discuss each phase.

($6,500/mo) for 3 months. For larger and more complex firms.

Individual Coaching

This three-month engagement enables the designer to work one-on-one with David through unlimited emails, assignments and twice-monthly video calls. The format follows David's "whole-business" ActionMaps Framework.

($2,000/mo) with 3 month minimum. Join the Wait List.

ActionMaps Strategy Group

The power of a small group often results in amazing synergy. In this group of only 8-10 designers, you'll work with David to develop a detailed strategy of true differentiation and profitability. Ideal for small firms and sole practitioners.

$1,495/mo for 3 months. Groups forming for now.
Listen as David describes the coaching and consulting options available

Join an Information Session

Each month on the 2nd Wednesday, David Shepherd hosts an information session for design firm principals interested in learning more about the impact of coaching and consulting.

During the brief video call, he will discuss the benefits of business coaching and consulting for interior designers, and list any openings that he may have in his schedule. He'll discuss individual and group coaching and associated fees, as well as take any questions you may have. 

Join a Coaching Info Session

Join the Coaching Wait List

Be one of the next to be pushed and challenged to achieve your next big goal.

About David Shepherd

For the past 20 years, David has split time between teaching at a top US business school and helping interior designers to earn what they deserve. Thousands have attended his live events and taken his online courses, and he has worked one-on-one with hundreds more. No one understands the business side of your business like David Shepherd. He is founder of The Edge Membership and Director of the Interior Design MBA Program.