What's Your ONE THING?

For a Financially Secure Future, Invest in Your Past

It's time for you to drop the "project" mentality and replaced it with the "customer" mindset, as in: “Once a customer, always a...

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A "Blue Ocean" Strategy Can Set Your Design Firm Apart From the Pack

[Note: This is a long-form article which will take 12-15 minutes to read. Please allocate sufficient time to read and take notes.]

Don’t Beat...

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When 2nd Homes Become "Only Homes"

The most obvious interior design opportunity spawned by the pandemic is, to me, the flight from urban centers to more remote, rural, and resort...

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Every Brand is a "Health and Wellness Brand"

I recently read an interesting article in Fast Company Magazine entitled, “Why Every Brand Now Needs to Behave Like a Health and Wellness...

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