What's Your ONE THING?

When Profits Could Be Bad News for Your Design Firm

I could give, and have given, many lectures on the difference between profits and cash flow. And while a key success factor for an interior design...

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The High Cost of Scope Creep for Your Design Practice

A while back I did a survey on the various pricing methods used by interior designers nationwide.

Among the many findings that surprised...

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Want to Lose Money? Offer Your Design Clients Great Customer Service!

One thing that has always driven me crazy is when I work with interior designers who suffer from what I have come to label “Infinite Service...

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The Problem with "Getting Out"

Periodically, I facilitate groups of interior designers who are 60+ years old and want to develop "exit strategies."

These days, I can't help...

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When 2nd Homes Become "Only Homes"

The most obvious interior design opportunity spawned by the pandemic is, to me, the flight from urban centers to more remote, rural, and resort...

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Are You Forgetting the Most Important Aspect of Your "Brand?"

You’ve got a wonderful website and robust social media.

Your systems are efficient with procurement software, 3D drawings, Zoom calls and...

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Take Ownership of Your Future Self

It’s natural for humans to think that the person we are today is the person we will always be.

Natural, but incorrect and, therefore,...

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