What's Your ONE THING?

For a Financially Secure Future, Invest in Your Past

It's time for you to drop the "project" mentality and replaced it with the "customer" mindset, as in: “Once a customer, always a...

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Need New Design Clients...FAST?

In the course of coaching interior designers, I’m often asked: “How can I get more clients. . .fast?”

My answer is always the...

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A "Blue Ocean" Strategy Can Set Your Design Firm Apart From the Pack

[Note: This is a long-form article which will take 12-15 minutes to read. Please allocate sufficient time to read and take notes.]

Don’t Beat...

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How Design Firms Work

If you were running a donut shop, one “how-to” manual would fit you and almost every other donut shop owner in America. Same for a...

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Are You Selling Your Way Into Bankruptcy?

As principal of an interior design practice, when you're out of cash, and can't access any new sources, it's game over. End of story. Don't let the...

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Who Will Buy Your Design Practice?

When you're thinking about moving to the next stage of life, you should keep in mind that there are four types of possible buyers for your interior...

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