The Best Way to Reach the Real Decision-Makers...Owners of Interior Design Firm Practices...


Designing Profits,  offers the following, highly-focused advertising opportunities:

Designing Profits offers the most targeted marketing platforms for companies seeking to reach:

  • Owners of Interior Design Firm Practices, large and small;
  • Owners who are seeking business solutions and enhancements to improve their bottom lines;
  • Owners who are the ultimate decision makers
  • Owners who collective purchase some $2 billion annually in merchandise and business-related products and services

We only focus on the two most responsive media types available today—email and podcasts.

At a fraction of the cost of Business of Home and others reaching an unfocused and “design professional” base.

Dedicated Email Blasts

We offer two lists, a small and highly responsive opt-in list of approximately 4,500, and a somewhat less responsive, but larger list of approximately 18,000. 

We offer text-base promotions with calls-to-action and links to your chosen landing page. 

  • A single blast to our Hot List of approximately 4,500 is $1,500 per send with a maximum of two sends per month. 
  • A single blast to our “Big List” of approximately 18,000 is $1,500 per send, with a maximum of two sends per month. (Compare to $6,000 for a Business of Home email blast.)

Podcast Advertising

Designing Profits CEO, David Shepherd, has recently launched a podcast focusing on the business aspects of running an interior design practice. Like all of our other content, this podcast is specifically targeting owners who are seeking improvements to their business practices. 

The podcast was only launched in April of 2022, and thus has relatively low download numbers, but the numbers are growing each and every week and podcast advertisements are among the best source of branding and opportunity marketing.

We offer:

  • 30-second mid-roll announcement per episode. The host, David Shepherd, will read your scripted message. (Scripted and agreed to by both parties.) Sponsors name and contact link will also be included in the podcast description and show notes. In addition to the website, podcasts are also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play and other platforms.
  • Your ad will run in consecutive episodes until your guaranteed number of downloads has been achieved
  • Price is $950 per 1,000 downloads. 

To schedule your email blast or podcast ad, please write to us at [email protected]