ActionMaps—A Group Coaching Process Designed to Turn Your Dreams into Actions...and Your Actions into Dreams!

David Shepherd's proprietary ActionMaps Framework is the only strategic planning process developed specifically for interior design firms, large and small. In this 12-week course, you will work closely with David and look over the shoulder of other successful designers as you develop the most critical asset available to you—a winning strategy. 

Next Group Starts Thursday, August 19, 2021


In this 12-week Program You Will:

  • Clarify your personal lifetime goals, the "Where do you want to be" question.
  • Become clear on exactly who your ideal client is, remembering that you want more great clients and fewer mediocre ones;
  • Define the Value Proposition that you must present in order to become irresistible to these Ideal Clients;
  • Identify the five things ("Critical Cores") you must master to be able to deliver on that Value Proposition
  • Articulate the gaps between where you are now and where you need to be in terms of mastering your Critical Cores;
  • Brainstorm the specific actions that will close those gaps, enabling you to deliver on your promise to Ideal Clients, helping them to justify choosing you, paying your premium prices, and telling others about you! 

To help keep things organized, you'll be using a cloud-based task management tool called Trello. However, you will also learn how to adapt your ActionMap from Trello to PowerPoint, Asana,, and other organizing tools...even index cards! 

Video Meetings and Tutorials

Your Program will begin with a live Orientation session via video call. In that call, David will explain all of the logistics including how to join and begin to use the Program's central dashboard hosted by Basecamp. In Basecamp, you'll be able to view recordings of live sessions and pre-recorded assignments, as well as keep track of schedules, tasks, documents and all other resources involved.

Your ActionMap

By the end of the Program, you will have created your own ActionMap. You'll be able to "tell the story" of the cause and effect relationship between the mundane daily actions you must take, and the accomplishment of your highest goals.

Truly, you will have turned dreams into actions and actions into dreams and find a new level of enthusiasm as you begin to earn what you deserve!

How to Join

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Need More Information?

David holds monthly live webinars to answer all of your questions about coaching options. To find out the date of the next session, and to sign up, just send us an email at [email protected].

Hundreds of interior designers have completed their "ActionMap" and have learned to earn what they deserve!

While the ActionMaps Program has been converted to an online delivery, hundreds of designers also enjoyed previous live presentations teaching these same methods. To say they were enthusiastic at the end of the Program may be an understatement!