Transitions: How, when, and why to leave your design practice behind...and what comes next!

A six-week discussion group with industry expert, David Shepherd, and select designers who are considering their next stage of life.


Join the April 26 Group

Group sessions to be held on Wednesdays at noon Central time starting April 26.

The Group will meet for an average of 50-60 minutes each week for six weeks. There will be assignments and shared communications throughout the time in between video sessions. 

Your Group Leader

For over twenty years, David Shepherd has taught business planning and strategy at two of the nation's top-ranked business schools. He has also focused his consulting skills on the interior design niche; thousands of designers have attended his live events and hundreds have benefitted from coaching experiences.

During that time, David has also helped many design clients to transition out of their businesses. Warning: it is not easy, in fact it will be one of the hardest things you've ever done. 

But what's the alternative? To leave your business...horizontally? You need to be in control of the next phase of your life. 


How it Works

Each week for six weeks, you will join a video call with David Shepherd and other members of the group. Each week will have a topic presented by David, followed by an open-ended discussion and Q&A. 

Weekly sessions will be supplemented with optional readings and assigned questionnaires. 

Members of the group will be required to log into an online Dashboard where they can upload documents, share in a discussion, and view recordings of all sessions. 

We do everything possible to avoid more than one firm from a single geographic area or other direct competitors. 


The Six Weeks

Here is a brief description of the six topics that are planned. Group dynamics and interest levels may cause some customization:

  • Week 1 - How do you know when it's time to leave?
  • Week 2 - How, how much, and to whom can you sell your business? (Or, is that even possible?)
  • Week 3 - The problems with just down-sizing or going part-time.
  • Week 4 - The 3-stages of Transition, including the dreaded "neutral zone." 
  • Week 5 - The "Five Ds" you must pass through 
  • Week 6 - But what about money...and overcoming other fears and doubts about the future.

 In between sessions, you'll be presented with "clarifying questions" that will help you to become clear on the risks and rewards of leaving your business behind. You'll learn from case studies the many hurdles you will face and you'll establish a realistic timeline for "getting out!" 

Join The April 26 Group

"I'd already have my villa in the south of France..."

Those were interior designer Kathryn Long's words after she started working with David Shepherd on a transition plan. She meant, she wished she had found David many years earlier. As it turned out, she settled for a beautiful lake-front cabin in North Carolina, and a design practice that allows her to choose only the most enjoyable projects. 

—Kathryn Long
Ambiance Interiors

Take control of your next stage of life! 


Join the April 26 Group