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The Foundations

The 8 essential principals for creating wealth for interior design professionals. In just 8 days and in only 10 minutes each morning, you will discover the lowest of all low-hanging fruit...all of which you can put to use instantly!

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How to Catch a Whale

No interior designer can become a financial success without occasionally winning high-value projects. Learn THE THREE SECRETS to getting key influencers to hand you their best jobs!

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Getting Pricing Right

Learn how interior designers are discovering the ‘Easy Button’ that leads to clear and simple pricing strategies and sends profits soaring all while ending client pushback and being shopped online forever. 

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The 8 Steps Program

The original course that has changed the businesses and lives of thousands of interior designers and created millions in newfound profits. Every designer MUST take this fundamental course. 

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"I've taken just about every program David Shepherd has offered and attended more than a dozen of his live events. I just can't tell you how big a difference this information has made to me as an interior designer. Now that there is a single "MBA" Program I would encourage every design firm principal to take this course!""

Phil Norman, Principal
Norman Design Group

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